Window Choices for Small Rooms

windowDid you get stuck with the smallest bedroom? If you find that your small space is feeling a bit crowded, you may be able to make it seem more cozy and less cramped. One way to achieve that effect is to find the perfect window, which will let in the light and help make a small space feel bigger. Here are some tips on how to find the right window to brighten things up.

A Tall Window

Tall windows are a way to capture as much light as possible by taking advantage of the vertical space as opposed to the horizontal. If you don’t have a tall window, create the illusion of height by hanging the curtains higher.

More is Better

If you can have light coming from a few different directions, the combined brightness will help illuminate any dark corners and make the room feel more open. Therefore, it’s best to have at least two, even if they are small. If possible, install a few windows at different sides of the room to create a modern contemporary room

Small Windows

If you are not only cursed with not only a small bedroom but also a small window, then you’ll need to use some other tactics. For example, you can experiment with different colors of curtains, such as lighter shades, to achieve a more open effect. Or, you can choose something discreet like Venetian blinds, which won’t distract from the other things in the room and therefore help make it feel less cramped.

Other Design Tips

There are plenty of other ways to make a small room feel bigger. One easy way to create the illusion of extra space is by using mirrors, which add a feeling of depth. You can also use a cute wallpaper design to add texture, or simply hang pictures on the walls to dress the room up.

You can also use symmetry. One way to create a symmetrical effect is to place a lamp on top of a bedside table on either side of the bed to provide a balanced look, which is the opposite of cramped.

Don’t let a small space make you feel confined. With just a few tricks, you can make a small room feel bigger, more spacious,
stylish and well designed

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