Perfect Finger Buffet Food

Buffets are hugely popular across the UK, with families putting on buffets for all sorts of occasions and reasons. There are many reasons why people prefer to make buffets rather than more elaborate dishes. This includes the ease, convenience, simplicity, and choice that come with opting for a buffet. Of course, you need to make sure you choose the right foods in order to enjoy these benefits, and for the most convenient and simple option a cold finger buffet is usually the best choice.

All you have to do with a cold finger buffet is prepare your food in advance, get your room decorated, and pop one of the easy to clean vinyl tablecloths available over your table for protection and decoration. Then, all that’s left to do is bring out your food in trays and plates when you’re ready and your guests can simply tuck in.

5 great foods for a finger buffet

If you want to choose some great, popular and very simple foods for your cold finger buffet, some of the popular options include:

Finger rolls and sandwiches: These are a vital part of any buffet, acting as the ‘main course’ to go with all the other nibbles and items you include in your spread. You can choose a variety of fillings based on the occasion and the tastes/preferences of the guests.

Pizza slices: Cold pizza slices are a great accompaniment for a cold finger buffet. By opting for a basic flavour such as cheese and tomato, you can pretty much guarantee that most guests will be able to enjoy them, from fussy eaters to vegetarians.

Salad: Making a few bowls of classic salad adds colour to the table as well as providing your guests with tasty veggies to fill up on along with the sandwiches and other buffet items you put out.

Sausage rolls: Sausage rolls are a classic for a cold finger buffet and will go down well with most guests. If you have a largely vegetarian guest list, you can substitute with vegetable or cheese rolls.

Crisps: Add some bowls of crisps to your table, and you will have the perfect addition to your variety of party foods. Make sure you either stick to plain or have a choice of flavours, as people can be fussy with regards to which flavours they will eat.

Not only are these foods easy to prepare and cost effective, but they are also unlikely to cause huge amounts of mess in your home.

In addition to getting your food prepared, make sure you don’t forget the extras such as paper plates, serviettes, plastic cutlery if required, and cups for your drinks.

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