Interior Painting – What do I need to know?

interior paintingHome improvements can make your house feel more welcoming and comfortable. When you have decided it is time to make some home improvements, one that might be on your list is interior painting. Interior painting provides you the chance to give a room a whole different look and feel to it. So what do you need to know about interior painting?

You need to choose the correct paint before you can even begin to paint. Not only is the color that you want important, but the finish is important as well as they can give you a different look to the entire room. There are different types such as high-gloss, flat, and eggshell. High-gloss paint is very easy to clean and is durable, but if you have any imperfections in the wall it is going to make them stick out substantially. Flat paint will hide imperfections a lot better, but it is harder to clean and easier to damage. Eggshell is right in between the two, and tends to be the most popular choice.

As far as color goes, pick one that you desire and then try out small samples. By trying out the color on the wall before spending money on gallons of paint you are not going to be surprised when that teal looks like a midnight blue. It’s hard to tell what a color is going to look like on your wall, and if you change your mind you are able to go back and try a different color.

Know the square footage of the room you are painting so that you know how much paint you will need. Consider the surface and how many coats you plan on painting so that you can determine the amount of paint you will have to purchase.

Spend time preparing your walls before you paint. Paint does not hide everything, so you will want to make your walls as flat as possible, cleaning them before hand to make sure you get any dust or debris off your walls that would cause the paint to show all of the flaws in the wall.

These are all important steps you need to take before you start painting the interior of your home. By following these guidelines, you will have the perfect type of paint, color, amount and you will have flawless walls to paint on.

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