Five Features Premium Quality Window Blinds Should Possess

Keep these five features in mind when looking for window blinds for your home.

Windows occupy an important place in the house. They allow for proper ventilation, break up monotonous walls and add interest to rooms, and are a good source of natural light. However, windows can be a big source of problem as well. When left bare, they minimize privacy indoors and reduce the overall visual appeal of a home. They can also be a major source of heat transfer, especially as they age, which in turn causes higher energy bills.

Of course, as a homeowner, you cannot do without windows at all. So to address their major pitfalls and greatly enjoy the benefits they provide, one easy and inexpensive fix you can do is to dress them up with some sort of covering. This is where window blinds come into play.

Using blinds on your windows can make a big difference in the overall tone and condition of your home. With the right blinds, you can significantly enhance the visual appeal and privacy of your space, reduce heat transfer that jacks up your energy costs and properly control the amount of natural light streaming indoors. However, as the market is teeming with window blinds options that vary in terms of price, style and function, finding the right one is no easy feat. As such, you might be tempted to make your decision based on price alone.

There is no question that your budget plays a big role in your decision-making on purchasing blinds. However, high quality window blinds must possess other features that could influence their functionality and long term performance. So as you shop around for blinds, here are five other important features you should pay attention to.

Aesthetic appeal

Blinds can make or break the appearance of your house. So if you want to make sure that you will be able to achieve the first result, you need to pick blinds that will give a lasting impression. Fortunately, materials and designs for blinds have come a long way. They are no longer limited to the boring, white Venetian blinds that were once common in homes.

Cloth-like materials in different patterns, textures and weights have been introduced in the market, which when properly chosen and installed can lend a new dimension and softness to your space. There are also blinds made from wood, which suits well in traditional, cottage or rustic style homes; while those made from aluminium perfectly match interiors with contemporary décor. The point here is when picking blinds, think about what the covering can contribute or take away from the appearance of your home.

Offers optimal control and ease of operability

Since the primary function of window blinds is to provide privacy and limit or completely block out the stream of natural light coming through the windows, it is important that the blinds you pick will permit you to have full control of the level of privacy and amount of sunlight they would allow and at the same time are easy to use. At the most, the blinds should be highly adjustable, so the slats roll up and down and lock in your chosen position without any difficulty.

Safe to use

Apart from providing full control and ease of operability, blinds should also be safe to use, especially if you live with young kids. They should be designed following safety standards to eliminate strangulation hazards to young children. In the case of cord-, chain- or tape-operated blinds, they should come with a tie-down device that would keep the cords away from children’s reach.

Energy efficient

Most window blinds are energy efficient, especially during summer. When completely closed and lowered, they can reduce heat gain by as much as 45%. They can also be adjusted to reflect sunlight toward the ceiling, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and minimizing glare indoors. When shopping for blinds, opt for those that have higher R-value. Such rating is an indication that the blinds are better at resisting heat transfer, conserving warm or cool air inside the house.

Provides economy of ownership

As mentioned earlier, you should not settle for blinds on price-only considerations. Rather, you should also factor in the long-term costs associated with different types of window blinds. If you want to make sure you will be able to get the best value for your money, it is crucial that you choose blinds made from a material that is easy to maintain and is appropriate for the type of conditions existing in the room where you intend to install them. Making such a choice will also guarantee that you will be able to minimize repairs and untimely replacements down the road.

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