DIY Ideas for Home Improvement and Interior Décor

gambling dice on red dotted backgroundWhen it comes to interior decoration, ladies of the house rule this section. I sometimes wonder what it will be like if we had same decoration sitting at same place for years, the thought which comes when I imagine this is not good at all. It is a blessing how a woman of the house is able to come with the ideas to do something new every few months and even if it is just changing their room arrangement. My wife loves doing something new for home interior décor whenever she gets a bit of time from her job and studies. She is doing Masters and working as a teacher at the same time. She has three evening classes so when the workload is less at the job she starts a DIY project which usually has something to do with interior décor. Sometimes when the project is too complex, she goes for online canvas printing services on sale to get the base of a single or multi-color print. Here are few of things that she has done as her DIY projects for wall art décor:

Thumb Pins Wall Art

Since she is a teacher by profession I know she needs to use thumbs pin to put notices for the students on boards. So when I saw her new DIY project, I knew what gave her the idea. She got a single base colored print from a website of canvas wall art. She drew a design on it with the help of the butter paper she had made to give a carbon copy on the canvas print by just running a ball point on the lines. Once a faded outline was made, she used many different colors of thumb pins to fill the areas she wanted. The outcome was an amazing piece of art which is loved and adored by everybody that visits our place.

Dot Matrix Wall Art

This is idea of her came from the movie ‘Matrix’. She specifically designed it for me to put it in my home office since I really loved the movie and used to talk about hidden message in the movie. If you have seen the movie and know a bit about computers, the language of computer is combination of 0z and 1z. So she got a black based canvas prints and pinned the digits 0 and 1 of green and light green color on it by writing my nick name in light green surrounded by darker green. I simply loved the idea and loved the gift as well.

DIY Lighting Fixture

I am specially mentioning this one because I had a hand in it as well. The lighting fixture was made of a thick card board. She got those cut in heart shape and colored them with light pink and blue matt finish color. She made holes in a designed pattern on the face of the heart and this was to be used as a cover of lighting fixture with a small bulb inside. That’s the part where I come in; I made a connection of LED inside and installed a switch for it as well. This fixture is on one side of the dressing table and looks simply brilliant. Many guests and friends think is if we bought it from somewhere and ask for the place as well.

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