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DIY Ideas for Home Improvement and Interior Décor

gambling dice on red dotted backgroundWhen it comes to interior decoration, ladies of the house rule this section. I sometimes wonder what it will be like if we had same decoration sitting at same place for years, the thought which comes when I imagine this is not good at all. It is a blessing how a woman of the house is able to come with the ideas to do something new every few months and even if it is just changing their room arrangement. My wife loves doing something new for home interior décor whenever she gets a bit of time from her job and studies. She is doing Masters and working as a teacher at the same time. She has three evening classes so when the workload is less at the job she starts a DIY project which usually has something to do with interior décor. Sometimes when the project is too complex, she goes for online canvas printing services on sale to get the base of a single or multi-color print. Here are few of things that she has done as her DIY projects for wall art décor:

Thumb Pins Wall Art

Since she is a teacher by profession I know she needs to use thumbs pin to put notices for the students on boards. So when I saw her new DIY project, I knew what gave her the idea. She got a single base colored print from a website of canvas wall art. She drew a design on it with the help of the butter paper she had made to give a carbon copy on the canvas print by just running a ball point on the lines. Once a faded outline was made, she used many different colors of thumb pins to fill the areas she wanted. The outcome was an amazing piece of art which is loved and adored by everybody that visits our place.

Dot Matrix Wall Art

This is idea of her came from the movie ‘Matrix’. She specifically designed it for me to put it in my home office since I really loved the movie and used to talk about hidden message in the movie. If you have seen the movie and know a bit about computers, the language of computer is combination of 0z and 1z. So she got a black based canvas prints and pinned the digits 0 and 1 of green and light green color on it by writing my nick name in light green surrounded by darker green. I simply loved the idea and loved the gift as well.

DIY Lighting Fixture

I am specially mentioning this one because I had a hand in it as well. The lighting fixture was made of a thick card board. She got those cut in heart shape and colored them with light pink and blue matt finish color. She made holes in a designed pattern on the face of the heart and this was to be used as a cover of lighting fixture with a small bulb inside. That’s the part where I come in; I made a connection of LED inside and installed a switch for it as well. This fixture is on one side of the dressing table and looks simply brilliant. Many guests and friends think is if we bought it from somewhere and ask for the place as well.

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Perfect Finger Buffet Food

Buffets are hugely popular across the UK, with families putting on buffets for all sorts of occasions and reasons. There are many reasons why people prefer to make buffets rather than more elaborate dishes. This includes the ease, convenience, simplicity, and choice that come with opting for a buffet. Of course, you need to make sure you choose the right foods in order to enjoy these benefits, and for the most convenient and simple option a cold finger buffet is usually the best choice.

All you have to do with a cold finger buffet is prepare your food in advance, get your room decorated, and pop one of the easy to clean vinyl tablecloths available over your table for protection and decoration. Then, all that’s left to do is bring out your food in trays and plates when you’re ready and your guests can simply tuck in.

5 great foods for a finger buffet

If you want to choose some great, popular and very simple foods for your cold finger buffet, some of the popular options include:

Finger rolls and sandwiches: These are a vital part of any buffet, acting as the ‘main course’ to go with all the other nibbles and items you include in your spread. You can choose a variety of fillings based on the occasion and the tastes/preferences of the guests.

Pizza slices: Cold pizza slices are a great accompaniment for a cold finger buffet. By opting for a basic flavour such as cheese and tomato, you can pretty much guarantee that most guests will be able to enjoy them, from fussy eaters to vegetarians.

Salad: Making a few bowls of classic salad adds colour to the table as well as providing your guests with tasty veggies to fill up on along with the sandwiches and other buffet items you put out.

Sausage rolls: Sausage rolls are a classic for a cold finger buffet and will go down well with most guests. If you have a largely vegetarian guest list, you can substitute with vegetable or cheese rolls.

Crisps: Add some bowls of crisps to your table, and you will have the perfect addition to your variety of party foods. Make sure you either stick to plain or have a choice of flavours, as people can be fussy with regards to which flavours they will eat.

Not only are these foods easy to prepare and cost effective, but they are also unlikely to cause huge amounts of mess in your home.

In addition to getting your food prepared, make sure you don’t forget the extras such as paper plates, serviettes, plastic cutlery if required, and cups for your drinks.

Five Features Premium Quality Window Blinds Should Possess

Keep these five features in mind when looking for window blinds for your home.

Windows occupy an important place in the house. They allow for proper ventilation, break up monotonous walls and add interest to rooms, and are a good source of natural light. However, windows can be a big source of problem as well. When left bare, they minimize privacy indoors and reduce the overall visual appeal of a home. They can also be a major source of heat transfer, especially as they age, which in turn causes higher energy bills.

Of course, as a homeowner, you cannot do without windows at all. So to address their major pitfalls and greatly enjoy the benefits they provide, one easy and inexpensive fix you can do is to dress them up with some sort of covering. This is where window blinds come into play.

Using blinds on your windows can make a big difference in the overall tone and condition of your home. With the right blinds, you can significantly enhance the visual appeal and privacy of your space, reduce heat transfer that jacks up your energy costs and properly control the amount of natural light streaming indoors. However, as the market is teeming with window blinds options that vary in terms of price, style and function, finding the right one is no easy feat. As such, you might be tempted to make your decision based on price alone.

There is no question that your budget plays a big role in your decision-making on purchasing blinds. However, high quality window blinds must possess other features that could influence their functionality and long term performance. So as you shop around for blinds, here are five other important features you should pay attention to.

Aesthetic appeal

Blinds can make or break the appearance of your house. So if you want to make sure that you will be able to achieve the first result, you need to pick blinds that will give a lasting impression. Fortunately, materials and designs for blinds have come a long way. They are no longer limited to the boring, white Venetian blinds that were once common in homes.

Cloth-like materials in different patterns, textures and weights have been introduced in the market, which when properly chosen and installed can lend a new dimension and softness to your space. There are also blinds made from wood, which suits well in traditional, cottage or rustic style homes; while those made from aluminium perfectly match interiors with contemporary décor. The point here is when picking blinds, think about what the covering can contribute or take away from the appearance of your home.

Offers optimal control and ease of operability

Since the primary function of window blinds is to provide privacy and limit or completely block out the stream of natural light coming through the windows, it is important that the blinds you pick will permit you to have full control of the level of privacy and amount of sunlight they would allow and at the same time are easy to use. At the most, the blinds should be highly adjustable, so the slats roll up and down and lock in your chosen position without any difficulty.

Safe to use

Apart from providing full control and ease of operability, blinds should also be safe to use, especially if you live with young kids. They should be designed following safety standards to eliminate strangulation hazards to young children. In the case of cord-, chain- or tape-operated blinds, they should come with a tie-down device that would keep the cords away from children’s reach.

Energy efficient

Most window blinds are energy efficient, especially during summer. When completely closed and lowered, they can reduce heat gain by as much as 45%. They can also be adjusted to reflect sunlight toward the ceiling, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day and minimizing glare indoors. When shopping for blinds, opt for those that have higher R-value. Such rating is an indication that the blinds are better at resisting heat transfer, conserving warm or cool air inside the house.

Provides economy of ownership

As mentioned earlier, you should not settle for blinds on price-only considerations. Rather, you should also factor in the long-term costs associated with different types of window blinds. If you want to make sure you will be able to get the best value for your money, it is crucial that you choose blinds made from a material that is easy to maintain and is appropriate for the type of conditions existing in the room where you intend to install them. Making such a choice will also guarantee that you will be able to minimize repairs and untimely replacements down the road.

Marilyn Stephens is a fulltime writer who enjoys tackling topics related to home repair and maintenance. She also writes content for StyleRite Blinds in Bathgate.

What should you look for in your next bed?

Your next bedGenerally one third of our day is spent sleeping, and if you are going to spend this much of your life performing one activity then it’s absolutely essential that you do it well, or at least to the best of your ability. Choosing the right bed can be a long, time consuming process, but in most situations it has a positive outcome and taking the extra time to pick one that suits you can really reap rewards for you further down the line.

So if you are looking to purchase a new bed the first question that you will probably have asked is “Well what do I really need in a bed?” – and the answer isn’t always so simple. At the end of the day there are a number of elements that come together to give you a high quality bed, and one that you can truly depend on, so before you spend your hard-earned cash take the time to look around and find a bed that’s really right for you.

Three key elements of a great bed

  • Size
    The size of your bed is incredibly important and if you want to get a great night’s sleep without falling out of bed, or into someone who’s sleeping next to you, then choosing a bed that’s of the right size is just what you need.

    When choosing the right size of bed you also need to take into account your room – you don’t want a bed which completely dwarfs your room, yet at the same time if you do have a decent size bedroom there’s no need to skimp on the size of it.

  • Comfort
    Comfort is key to a good night’s sleep and to ensuring that you are well-rested for the next day, as a result it’s really important that you opt for a bed which keeps you comfortable and secure throughout the night.

    A good quality mattress will often help out in this situation and that’s why it’s really worth taking your time to research what goes into making the right type of mattress, and ensuring that it ideally suits your body type.

  • Support
    Good support is essential to ensuring that you don’t end up with a bad back and although most mattresses are built with this in mind, it’s still something to think about when you choose your bed frame as a whole.

    A supportive bed will not only ensure that you get a great night’s sleep, it will also ensure that you feel comfortable and that your body is getting the support it needs to get a restful night. As a result, you will wake up feeling fresh and ready to tackle whatever the day throws your way.

Choose Instagram canvas Prints for your Home decor

Instagram picsInstagram canvas printings are available online and it has become the important thing in the present market that helps to target many dreams of the people who are looking forward to have new patterns of photos in the canvas. There are many people around who are looking for the home decoration items and canvas prints or wall art has become the most popular item in the present market. They are available at a reasonable price which gives the scope to choose the decorative piece without any hassle.

Instagram photos on canvas enhance the beauty

There is the opportunity to directly upload the photo from your instagram account that can be a nice option which can collect your print within 48 hours. Instagram canvas prints have become the most exclusive option of the homeowners where they can choose in order to decorate their home. You can look for the wall where you can hang the print in order to enhance the beauty of the home. The convincing design for the canvas prints are actually made with the help of the professional artists that follows new concept.

Enjoy the beautiful photos of instagram

There are different services that you can opt for the print and it gives you the facility to print the instagram photo on canvas and it has become the effective method through which you can design your home by using some simple tips. You might take a long time in order to find the best site for the canvas printing but you have the possibility to carry out the original prints for the unlimited fun at home. There are plenty of options available which can be shared by the people online. You can pick the best print which is quite necessary for you in order to spend the money wisely it is important to make the proper selection of photos.

Canvas photo prints for home decoration

Instagram canvas photo prints will be the perfect choice for the people who come up with different kinds of design for the complete new look of the house. The prints are the best thing that you can look for in order to have a complete makeover of the house and there are different advantages that you can enjoy when you hang the canvas prints on the wall. It is the loveliest options through which you can enjoy the beauty of the home. The instagram has the opportunity to offer common people the aptitude to take the images of the proficient photographer.

Printing onto canvas offers a new pattern option

While looking for the instagram canvas prints it is important to choose the patterns in order to have the best wall hanging in the home. You need to look for something that is quite interesting and so you need to look for the best design of instagram art prints and there are features that can be enjoyed through new patterns and it is important to decide on the patterns which should also be a good way to hang on the wall. The home improvement gives you the option of choosing the photographer that can offer you the best print.

Elena is a talented writer and she takes the pleasure of writing on the importance of the canvas prints on your home. The instagram canvas prints of photos have become the famous concept in the present market for home décor.

Interior Painting – What do I need to know?

interior paintingHome improvements can make your house feel more welcoming and comfortable. When you have decided it is time to make some home improvements, one that might be on your list is interior painting. Interior painting provides you the chance to give a room a whole different look and feel to it. So what do you need to know about interior painting?

You need to choose the correct paint before you can even begin to paint. Not only is the color that you want important, but the finish is important as well as they can give you a different look to the entire room. There are different types such as high-gloss, flat, and eggshell. High-gloss paint is very easy to clean and is durable, but if you have any imperfections in the wall it is going to make them stick out substantially. Flat paint will hide imperfections a lot better, but it is harder to clean and easier to damage. Eggshell is right in between the two, and tends to be the most popular choice.

As far as color goes, pick one that you desire and then try out small samples. By trying out the color on the wall before spending money on gallons of paint you are not going to be surprised when that teal looks like a midnight blue. It’s hard to tell what a color is going to look like on your wall, and if you change your mind you are able to go back and try a different color.

Know the square footage of the room you are painting so that you know how much paint you will need. Consider the surface and how many coats you plan on painting so that you can determine the amount of paint you will have to purchase.

Spend time preparing your walls before you paint. Paint does not hide everything, so you will want to make your walls as flat as possible, cleaning them before hand to make sure you get any dust or debris off your walls that would cause the paint to show all of the flaws in the wall.

These are all important steps you need to take before you start painting the interior of your home. By following these guidelines, you will have the perfect type of paint, color, amount and you will have flawless walls to paint on.

Painting Franchise, Merit Professional Coatings is pleased to bring you this article on what you need to know when painting your interior. Merit Professional is a commercial painting franchise, with years of knowledge in the painting industry. If you are interested in learning more, check out their website today.

Window Choices for Small Rooms

windowDid you get stuck with the smallest bedroom? If you find that your small space is feeling a bit crowded, you may be able to make it seem more cozy and less cramped. One way to achieve that effect is to find the perfect window, which will let in the light and help make a small space feel bigger. Here are some tips on how to find the right window to brighten things up.

A Tall Window

Tall windows are a way to capture as much light as possible by taking advantage of the vertical space as opposed to the horizontal. If you don’t have a tall window, create the illusion of height by hanging the curtains higher.

More is Better

If you can have light coming from a few different directions, the combined brightness will help illuminate any dark corners and make the room feel more open. Therefore, it’s best to have at least two, even if they are small. If possible, install a few windows at different sides of the room to create a modern contemporary room

Small Windows

If you are not only cursed with not only a small bedroom but also a small window, then you’ll need to use some other tactics. For example, you can experiment with different colors of curtains, such as lighter shades, to achieve a more open effect. Or, you can choose something discreet like Venetian blinds, which won’t distract from the other things in the room and therefore help make it feel less cramped.

Other Design Tips

There are plenty of other ways to make a small room feel bigger. One easy way to create the illusion of extra space is by using mirrors, which add a feeling of depth. You can also use a cute wallpaper design to add texture, or simply hang pictures on the walls to dress the room up.

You can also use symmetry. One way to create a symmetrical effect is to place a lamp on top of a bedside table on either side of the bed to provide a balanced look, which is the opposite of cramped.

Don’t let a small space make you feel confined. With just a few tricks, you can make a small room feel bigger, more spacious,
stylish and well designed

Closets act as your great friend by keeping all your belongings at one place

stressed closetIn  order to arrange all your necessary belongings at one place so that you can locate them at the time of need, you can always make closets for your home so that you can save a lot of space.

A covered space at your home meant for storing all your necessary belongings is known as a closet. It is a combination of rods, shelves, drawers, shoe shelves and other accessories in order to organize all your essential things properly so that it becomes easy to locate them at the time of your need. In fact a closet acts as a great storage place and helps you to arrange all your necessary things properly. It acts as your great friend and saves a lot of space in your home. Besides, you can easily locate your belongings during busy hours and helps to reduce your stress for searching them. Also, you can get rid of the mess in your home and can keep it neat and well organized. Further, it is also easy to sort out all your necessary belongings like garments, cosmetics, bedding, books, magazine, shoes and other items which can be arranged separately in different sections so that it is easy to get them whenever you need them. Also you can keep baby accessories separately in the closet. Closets serve as excellent storage solutions and can solve all your storing needs.

Closets can be made from different type of materials like wood, wire, canvas, plastic etc. The wire closets are very popular and can be available at lower prices. Those made from wood are strong and durable and also very expensive. Also canvas closets are very light and are available in various colors and can be easily moved from one place to another. Besides, these are less expensive. Also plastic closets are also light in weight and less expensive. Also some companies make these by using thermofused melamine components. Many options are available for closet systems like use entire wall, fill wall and not to use wall. You can get closet system made in different shapes, colors and materials and you can easily choose the best one for you as per your requirement and suitability. You can also opt for wall hanging closets in order to save the floor space. A reliable company who can provide you with quality closets is Ridge Wood Closets.

There are many reputed companies in the market who are specialized in manufacturing various types of closets in order to suit your particular needs. You can always get functional, stylish and affordable closet which can make your home look beautiful. Further they can also provide you with custom closet which can be specifically designed as per your requirement and your specific budget.  With the help of their well experienced and skilled designers, they can design flexible, modular  and simple closet which can serve you for a long time. By using the best quality materials for designing your custom closet, they can also provide quality workmanship. Some companies can also help you to design your own closet by using design tools online. Besides, their staff are always very professional and very friendly and can help you to choose the best closet design as per your particular requirement and estimated budget and also help in providing quality installation of closets at your home satisfactorily.

Quality flooring installation service can give you the best flooring

installing flooringImportance of Flooring

Before you decide to build your own house, you must consider some of the important factors which are associated with both the internal as well as the external aspects of the construction. Among the most important internal aspects which contribute to the interior décor of your home is the  flooring, which is very important as it takes the load of human and animal traffic and is subject to regular wear and tear.  Not only this, any wrong decision of flooring can damage your floor within a very short time and it is a really a bad investment on your part. Moreover, you have to spend considerable amount on regular repairs and replacement.

Types of flooring options

In the market you can get many reputed flooring stores who can provide you a variety of flooring options from which you can make the choice as per your budget and suitability. Among the popular flooring options are hardwood flooring, tile flooring, ceramic tiles, carpet flooring, vinyl flooring and many other varieties depending on factors like durability, comfort, safety, installation and maintenance. They can provide you wide choices of flooring options suitable for both residential and commercial flooring.

Services provided by Flooring Stores

The reputed flooring stores can provides you Blackfalds Alberta Flooring installation services with the help of their experienced and efficient installation team. They can give you prompt and quality workmanship for flooring installation at the most affordable cost to provide you with total satisfaction. Besides, they have trained experts who can guide you to make the right choice of flooring for your home or business as per your suitability and as per your budget. They truly understand your flooring needs and can help you to provide the best services. From the Blackfalds Alberta Flooring installation team who are well trained and certified, you can always expect to get hassle free installation services to your total satisfaction. This shall not only make you fully comfortable with their flooring installation. Besides, they shall always reply to all your queries on various flooring aspects, installation and maintenance. Besides, they shall provide you with complete service estimate so that you are fully aware of the job to be undertaken and the investment which you have to make. Besides, they shall also give you guarantee on their quality workmanship and prompt installation services. Moreover, the products used by them for installation work shall be of the best quality.

Blackfalds Alberta Flooring Stores

From the renowned Blackfalds Alberta Flooring stores, you can always expect to get the best products and services. They shall always provide you with accurate estimates for your flooring needs after measuring your floor area, amount of materials required for flooring, evaluating the existing flooring condition, performing a moisture test and also by determining the requirement of any special installation so that you get the best quality flooring service which can serve you for years to come. Their flooring experts will take prior appointment with you in order to discuss in details regarding your specific flooring needs and always help you to make the right selection. With their years of experience and reputation they are always dedicated to provide you the best services maintaining the highest level of ethics, integrity and excellence.

A Day Beach Flooring Store can provide you with quality flooring options

Importance of Flooring

hardwood flooring installationDuring the construction of your house or building, one of the most important aspects which you must consider is the flooring since it is the most essential design aspect of your home and you can make your home beautiful and elegant with a good flooring. The floor of your house takes the burden of daily activities including the load of human and animal traffic and is subject to wear and tear. In fact, a beautiful flooring can change the overall beauty of your home and thereby increase its market value. You should always decide on the right kind of flooring for your home as any wrong decision of yours may spoil the flooring and you have to spend a considerable amount on its repair and replacement. Hence it is very necessary that a good flooring should be able to attract the guests as well as serve for a long period of time.


Types of Flooring

You can get many types of flooring options available in the market. Some of the most popular variety of flooring are hardwood flooring, tile flooring, ceramic tiles, carpet flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring and many more. But before deciding on the type of flooring, you must consider various factors like durability, safety, comfort and the time taken for installation. Different types of flooring have different qualities, sizes, colors, textures and you can always choose as per your suitability. Besides, the price range of different types of flooring varies and your decision should also be based on your estimated budget.


Flooring Stores

You can get may reputed flooring stores in the market who can provide you with various flooring options for both residential and commercial purposes. They have well experienced and efficient staff who shall provide you with necessary assistance to choose the right kind of flooring as per your need. They have highly trained and experienced professionals who understand well your floor covering needs and shall provide you with the best services to your entire satisfaction. They will do the total coordination of flooring with paint, countertops and other things of your home to create a unique décor. Moreover, they will always provide you the best selection at moderate rate. They have certified and efficient installation team who will provide hassle free flooring installation at your home and shall also provide guarantee on their workmanship. They shall reply to all your queries regarding flooring so that you are fully assured of their services and shall provide you with a complete estimate before starting the installation job so that you are fully aware of your investment.

Flooring Store at Daytona Beach

A reliable Daytona Beach Flooring Store supplies the residents of the area with many types of flooring options. They have friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff who can give you exemplary service from the moment you walk into their showroom till you flooring installation is completed. They also provide free professional in-home estimates, measurements and onsite quotations. Besides, from a Daytona Beach Flooring  Store, you can expect to  get the finest quality products and they stand behind their services to give you a beautiful flooring which shall be worth your investment.