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What are the damaging factors for your car security?

Car unlock servicesCars are expensive and that is the good enough reason to invest in the car security systems without thinking twice. It is also a valid reason to take care of car security systems and maintain them to their best performance. Since, the cars are the means of transportation and are parked on different places; these are always at a greater risk of being stolen away. The thieves are always looking for such an opportunity. Thus, adding a protective layer with the help of Auto Locksmith services can be very rewarding. Meanwhile, the manufacturers have also become very security conscious and have designed very sophisticated built in security systems in the latest models of the cars. A sturdy car lock counters all of the picking attempts effectively and saves you from the woes of car thefts in most of the cases.  Generally, in many cases, a burglar is not looking to steal the car, but is interested in the small and expensive car components like stereo system and battery that are easy to get away with. That is not it, the shopping bags or the laptops that you leave in your car are much susceptible to burglary.

Here are the few things that seriously damage your car security and it is imperative to evaluate the performance of your lock from time to time.


1-      The cons of the car theft attempt: If you suspect that there has been an attempt to lock picking on your car, you cannot rely on the locking system unless it is guaranteed by the Automotive Locksmiths. An opportunist will use all of the black tricks to surpass your security and gain access to the vehicle. Even when your car lock has successfully deterred all of these attempts, it can seriously be harmed in the process. So, get your car for a security evaluation to a reliable car locksmith before parking it attended on a public place.


2-      The excessive exposure to humidity and water: The modern cars have an electromechanical locking system. The excessive humidity or rain exposure can make the water penetrate into the circuits and cause malfunctioning of the lock. During the rain driving, one must avoid hitting the puddles of waters to ensure efficiency. In case of any such hazardous exposure, it is better to let an expert analyze the damage. The sophisticated systems in an automobile are closely linked with each other and the problem with one can impair the other parts as well.

The car owners who live in the coastal areas may frequently face this problem of humidity


3-      Rash and careless driving: Though the cars have shock absorbing systems, but the speedy turns, careless driving and hitting in the road depressions again and again are the enemies to the car security. So, if you want to add to the longevity of the locks and built-in electrical, security, you must adhere to soft and careful driving.


4-      The appropriate use of keys: The keys are the essential and significant elements in the car security. If you want to avoid the need of car unlock service, you must insert and rotate the keys carefully. Turning the keys in the wrong direction or forcefully inserting them in the ignition is the killers for car lock. The modern keys like transponder keys are very sensitive and specific to particular car. Try to avoid the unnecessary scratches on the keys or the mishandling by the users. The battery of the remote keys and the fob keys must be replaced regularly by professional Auto Locksmith services.


Avoiding the above mentioned factors can increase the life of your car security system and you will not need any early replacement.



Double Up the Protection of Your Home Using Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are not just effective in improving the energy efficiency of a home. They can also provide security against different elements.

When it is time to replace old, design-inappropriate or inferior windows, many homeowners often resort to double glazed windows. This is not surprising at all, given that these windows are proven to be energy efficient, helping homeowners significantly cut back their energy costs. Such capability can be attributed to the two layers of glass the windows are fitted with, which are separated by a gap filled with gas or air that acts as a barrier against heat flow.

It should be noted, however, that double glazed windows can do more than just reduce a home’s power consumption. When correctly installed, they can also provide protection against certain elements that many homes are at risk. So if you are looking to have your existing windows replaced, choosing double glazed windows make perfect sense because they can double up the security of your house against the elements outlined below.


For any home, it is crucial for the windows to be able to resist water penetration and its associated damages as well as the impact of strong winds. Unfortunately, homes that are outfitted with single pane windows have not enough power to withstand against such elements.

All too often, the framing of single pane windows is made of wood, which is susceptible to chipping or rotting. As such, when frequently exposed to rain and sun, it warps or becomes brittle, eventually developing cracks and gaps where moisture from wind-driven rain, ice and snow can seep through and where conditioned air can escape. When these things happen, not only is energy wasted, but the moisture that has found its way inside can also lead to other serious issues such as mould growth and wall, ceiling and foundation damage.

In the case of the single glass in the frame, it is not designed to be impact resistant. As such, when there are strong winds, it can be easily cracked or shattered by windborne debris. And this can be especially dangerous for the occupants as the glass shards can cause injuries.

Double glazed windows are designed to address the limits of single paned windows when it comes to weather resistance. Their frames are either made from aluminium or uPVC, which are both tested to resist weather, chemical rotting, abrasion and corrosion. As such, when they are installed, they create a weather tight framing around the windows that cannot be easily penetrated by moisture. Their double glass panes, on the other hand, are made to withstand the impact of strong winds, so there is no need for you to worry about windborne debris from cracking or shattering them.


By now, you are probably aware that the favourite method of access by burglars is the windows. This is because many of them are often screened from public view by high walls, bushes and trees and some of them are positioned in areas away from the home’s outdoor lighting. Once burglars identify the window that will serve as the access route to the house, they will force their way inside either by breaking the glass or removing it from the window. And in many cases, burglars successfully do this is in single paned windows.

For situations where security against burglary or break-ins is strongly desirable, double glazed windows are a good first line of defence that you should consider. Their double panes are toughened, making them difficult to break. Should burglars find a way to break them; the glasses create a lot of noise so they can easily grab your attention or your neighbours. Also, the relative adaptability and workability of double glazed windows make it easier to install security mechanisms like multi-point locks, hinge-side security and double-locking handles, thereby enhancing their performance.


Double glazed windows are also ideal to use if you reside in a busy neighbourhood where noise can be a nuisance. Research has shown that frequent exposure to high levels of noise can cause both physiological and psychological problems among homeowners. In fact, it has been found that high noise levels can lead to intense annoyance and aggression and can also contribute to cardiovascular-related problems.

If noise is a serious problem, double glazing with laminated glass for both panes have an outstanding success rate in reducing or masking noise. A reduced level of as much as 32 decibels can be achieved by using these windows, making your home more peaceful.

Although double glazed windows may cost you more upfront, the protection you and your family will be able to get from them is enough reason to choose them over other window replacements. At the end of the day, they are a worthy investment that will give value to your money in the long run.

Rebecca Messer is an avid writer with a strong interest in writing tips about home improvement. She also contributes content for City Glass UK.