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How to Make Small Yards Look Wider

If you’re living in a small place and you don’t have much space for your yard, then don’t feel frustrated or upset. There are some useful tips and tricks that would make your small yard look much bigger. With the accurate use of garden embellishments, right lighting, correct plant proportion, well designed pathway, and perfect placement of fences you can make the best use out of your little space. Don’t contemplate too much; just get on your feet and start working on your garden and change it into a spacious and attractive place.

Create Levels in the Yard: Creating levels in the garden could easily make your yard look bigger and elegant. Set a different setting for each level to give your yard a dynamic and diverse look for instance you can form flower beds, waterfalls, rockery etc. on each level to make an illusion that would engage the eyes of the visitors, furthermore it will show your creativity that in spite of the tiny space they have so much to see in your garden.

Place Paving Stones Diagonally: A decent pathway could completely transform the look of your yard and if you place paving stones diagonally as a pathway then it would make your small yard look much wider than before.

Less Furniture More Space: Try and avoid extra furniture in your garden as it would give your garden a stuffed look. Use the furniture with sleek look as it takes less space and discard all the insignificant furniture as it could easily overpower your garden.

Use Bright Colors: This trick always works as bold and bright colors in the form of beautiful flowers, plants and embellishments catch the eye of the visitors and create an amazing ambiance in the yard. As the major attention goes towards the colorful objects of the yard the rest would automatically seem wide. Bright colors always gives a wider and broader look so use pink, red, blue, indigo, orange and yellow colors as much as you can. Plants with color like Snake Wine, Creeping Fig, Spanish Moss Ornamental Grape,  etc. can provide a series of textual changes in foliage, color contrast and depth to add more life in your yard. Moreover you can bring your art piece such as cheap large canvas prints of fine-looking vibrant flowers to your garden to enhance your colors and surroundings.

Light Placement: Accurate placement of lights in your garden is also significant as it not only highlights the beauty of your garden but also helpful in making your yard look bigger. Your garden would become more eye-catching if you place the lights along with the pathway in rope style it will surely highlight the beauty of the pathway and will save the plants from damage while you walk in the dark. Place the lights on fence and near the plants to enhance their beauty. Correct light placement would create a reflection that could double the dimension of your yard.

Planting Trees: Plant the trees that take less space and are slim, sleek, tall and straight. Such trees have the ability to create visual illusion for the ignorant eye as they’ll make your yard look bigger with their sleek and tall look. You can grow hickory, catalpa, maple and dogwood etc.

Atiq-ur-Rehman is a passionate writer. He gives essential tips about how you can make your small yard look wider and beautiful.