Benefits of Waterproofing with French Drains

Drain SystemA home is built for your comfort—to stay dry when it is rainy outside and cool when it is hot outside. But how can you do that if water has finally found its way into your home, say in the basement? And so, you have to keep this from continuously happening not just because you are no longer comfortable in it but also because neglect on this post more severe problems in the future. Among these problems you will eventually be dealing with is the growth of health endangering organisms and damage on your home foundations. Besides, solutions for this problem are available like installing French drains among many others. You will find a lot of benefits of waterproofing with French drains, but first you just need to know what this method is all about to better understand why it is a better choice of solution.

A French drain is a system of piping network that runs along the perimeter of your basement with a sump and pump that intend to pull away water content from beneath it and especially the foundation. Installation of this systematic drain requires cutting and removing a width of at least a foot from the basement floor and excavating about another foot deep. The drain will go into that trench but it has to be surrounded by gravel and then concrete for reinforcement. Also, the finishing will also be in concrete to bring back the original appearance of your basement floor. The only difference now is that there is already a French drain installed beneath its perimeter.

Now that you already know why the French drain is the best solution to basement degradation, you should know the benefits of waterproofing with French drains. Here are some:

  1. It is the most permanent solution ever. As you have already learned, the French drain is the most scientific solution to basement water intrusion compared to other types of waterproofing methods. This will physically change the structure beneath your basement, which is where the problem is actually originating. And with the sump and pump doing their functions very well, you can rest assured that everything will be taken well care of permanently.
  2. It can be done in no time. The French drain can be done by your handyman in no time, especially if the necessary tools and equipment for the task are available. In fact, you can do the chore on your own although you need to have a little knowledge with piping systems and sumps and pumps to do this correctly. But if you are really up for the challenge of doing this task, you can simply ask for a sound advice from your trusted home builder or provider. You might even get a detailed manual for the installation if you choose the right brand that offers them.
  3. It costs less. Compared to other short term remedies and the frequency you need to redo the same short-term solutions, the French drain is definitely low-cost.  Don’t go bankrupt fixing temporary solutions or replacing a damaged finished basement.


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